If you unfollow on Threads - will you unfollow on Instagram?

If you unfollow someone on the Threads app, will you also unfollow them on Instagram? This question has been a topic of confusion for many users. In order to clear things up, let's conduct a quick experiment.

Firstly, let's take a look at the Threads app. Here, I have an account that I can follow. As you can see, if I choose to follow this account on Threads, it doesn't automatically make me follow them on Instagram. The two actions are independent of each other.

Now, let's switch over to Instagram. Here, I'll proceed to follow this person. Now, if I were to unfollow them, and then go back to Instagram, you'll notice that I am still following this person on Instagram. So, despite the person being unfollowed on Threads, the action does not sync to Instagram.

This distinction has caused some confusion among users. When creating an account on Threads, you link it to your Instagram account. However, when you follow or unfollow someone on Threads, it does not reflect on your Instagram account. Essentially, these are two separate apps that operate independently. You simply log into the Threads app using your Instagram account credentials.

In conclusion, unfollowing someone on Threads does not lead to automatically unfollowing them on Instagram. It's important to keep in mind that these apps function as separate entities, despite their connection through your Instagram account.

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