If you upgrade in NGL to see messages - what does it show?

if you want to see who sent your message on ngl um what does it show so if you upgrade so if you want to see who sends this uh tap on that and then you can upgrade to pro pro members can see exclusive hints on each message it's 9.99 per week and it will show you two things it will show your location it's very general like ipo location it can show something around a person from new york person from berlin from some big city or from you know also some city it won't show you exact street obviously exact like coordinates or house number now it's just we'll show you the city like geographical unit and the city can be really big and it just depends how many friends you have there also it will show you the phone model for example like iphone or android so for example some someone with iphone from berlin or something around it so that's the idea and yep that's uh what it will show but uh be aware that it was recently disclosed because i think there is some court battle going on between ngl and sanded app and in that court filings uh there was state stated that actually there are fake questions on this app so some of these questions are bought and they're generated just by ai and they kind of look like real but a lot of users reported that yeah my friends couldn't have asked some of these questions um so that's why they are not uh they're not real actually so that's the yeah and then now it seems it's like 90 that is confirmed that some of these questions are not real and that's why when you want to see who sends this they can't give you exact instagram username because then it will be really verifiable and you can just go you know like and really figure out if that person sent you or not but if this app just provides some random location on some random phone number it's also very hard to verify anyway this is just an idea hope it is helpful

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