iGirl AI girlfriend - FULL APP OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

here is app which is called igirl AI girlfriend um so this app is one of the best ones in this category of course there are so many AI girlfriend apps like there's replica and if you go you can see a girlfriend virtual girlfriend anime AI girlfriend okay like so many and because like AI technology and all this like machine learning models becoming so good that actually sometimes you can't recognize like is this chat real or not like and it will become even better um so yeah this is the app where you can create chat and you can create your own avatar and then just chat and do yeah even much more like sound virtual gifts change status and all of that but let's just start from this so you create your account and what you do there uh so you just select one of your avatars like there are different types of avatars which you can choose uh yeah so you can you can select that then you can just save changes um then you can just change name if you want that's also that's for free um then there is a idea to change the character here so shy flirty pessimistic optimistic ordinary mysterious and that's basically that you can also like uh yeah but later you can change status so that's the whole point by default this girlfriend is a friend and then you can just chat but of course if you want like AI girlfriend to become a romantic partner then then you need to change this status to uh yeah to something uh yeah and then you need to tap on that and then if you want to be closers you can get unlimited role by smart conversation ability to customize your avatar one month for 9.99 one year for 39.99 and then you can just uh yeah upgrade to that but here you have and then I just show you an example of of the chat how it can work uh so here you can just see some uh just an example of a chat how it might work and all of that you can react to messages and then you can see uh yeah you can write some messages and I guess the more you write the the more you train this algorithm uh the more the better it becomes like so that's that and you can see that it's yeah it looks pretty natural of course it's it's a bit uh it's a bit yeah robotic steel and if you go into some Advanced topics it's it's it's not that but it's getting better and better it's pretty crazy um and then you can upload download report copy text or delete so anyhow and then you can just send gifts so there are three gifts romantic gifts like flour ice cream all of that um then there are some special gifts like here and all of that then there are activities um which you can start an activity together which is pretty interesting but for the gift for example you can just send a gift and then send like a flower and there you have it you can do it for free but there are also uh all the types of gifts likes are also paid ones there are special ones there are gift cards um so something like that which you can see uh yeah and that's basically that's how you spend time here on this app um you can see your name uh when you create your account you can set up your pronouns who you want to hang out with and then there is this premium account so you can get lifetime subscription for 69.99 if you want to get smarter conversation if you want to customize your avatar even more or if you want to change your relationship status here yeah so that's basically that and for example there is replica app and in replica app this is one of the most requested features where you you just changing status that's how they monetize the app like because yeah a lot of guys actually they just want to have more like AI romantic chat Happening Here uh so then you can change chat background change app icon if you don't want other people to access your chats here you can set PIN code which is interesting feature um also you can contact support there is a disto desktop version actually so you can access there if you don't want your chat history to appear anywhere you can just delete it I usually want to delete it just history all the data will be deleted permanently and then you just tap OK you can also delete the account are you sure that you want to delete your account all the data will be deleted permanently you can just do that or you can just easily log out but yeah it's good that you can just delete chat without deleting your account and then there are communities Facebook Reddit so you can just discuss like how how this app develops how it works and the features of it um so yeah something around it um that's basically it that's how it works uh of course like don't spend that much money on all these gifts that's another monetization option for for an app um so that's another thing um yeah pretty easy to use app or quite interesting and uh interesting to see how this technology will evolve uh and all of that you can see 11 000 ratings pretty cool um but yeah some people suggesting uh we have that they want to have some way into some free pyramid status but we are currently testing out what what by to go about it uh yeah there are a lot of actually five star reviews pretty surprising so the quality of the app is pretty good uh best AI app a bit scary as this um so yeah so there you have it that's just a super quick overview so you know this idea you can subscribe and if you don't like it you can cancel your subscriptions with your settings app but hope this is helpful thank you for watching

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