iLocket widget photo sharing - overview

so here is interesting app which is called i lock it widget photo sharing uh so probably you heard about original locket widget app so this is not the one so just in case this is the original locket widget app um it has the orange heart like this this is the one just in case uh there are also a bunch of other apps because they're all trying to you know to steal something or to write on the on the hype but anyways maybe this app is also cool uh the whole idea is that you can just you know share um your photos with your friends in yeah and on using videos on iphone so allow your friends to see your pictures on screen connect with other people create friendships and all of that so let's just basically explore this app and see how it works i actually never used it oops sorry remember use it before i just use the original locket widget um so let's just open it up [Music] so now you can it just says go premium unlimited storage approach from camera at more than five friends free trial cancel anytime uh but and then there is little cross in top left that's actually when you know that this app is uh not that legit at the the first month when they ask you to pay because hey i just want to try this app out and in the original locket widget app why it's so popular because it has a really clean minimalistic design um and then yeah you just wants me to access the camera okay i'll just send the photo from the here from the phone and then there are some debug options and all of that so you can see this app is also not that polished um but anyway i'm just trying to send the information here um um so yep that's basically [Music] um yeah so it doesn't work actually guys so i don't know something it's not working but okay uh let's just open it up again maybe it will work this time yes this app just really went in popularity uh in the last few weeks and everyone is just trying to create i lock it uh lockage widget app and as you can see here even it just takes time to find this little cross and then it wants to give access to my contacts you can add up to five people do you want to sign out then i have can have history here uh and then just add my friends from there and i guess i can just also tap on hold and add the widget just by searching for eye locket so something like this and then you can just add image add friends take selfie take photo and then add image here like this so there are like medium size videos and large size so yeah actually lock it widget has also like a small size which is also nice and it's not that you know it's not taking that three knock four app size on the screen but anyways this is just a quick overview i think yeah just go and try out original locket widget app and then just maybe try these ones out if you're not satisfied with locket widget thank you for watching

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