Improved way to ADD FRIENDS in OBIMY APP

so here's a pimi app and if you update it to version 3.7 there is some renewed friend add-in flow because so many users are asking how exactly to add france in ogimi so now finally it is on the home screen and yeah now you can you can add it here so here it is on the home screen and then you can just tap add close ones and then you can just type in white via link and then just share it uh your messenger or your social media and all of that and also if you tap on the top left you can also tap to add close ones and you can click the button to invite friends via link and messenger or social media so that's what you can do so yep so that's just improved design here where you can see exactly that's how it's working it's not possible yet to search for friends in the in the app or anything like that so yeah it's not possible but there you have it

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