In NGL app now you can instantly read your voice messages

So with the recent update in the NGL app, users can now instantly read their voice messages without having to listen to them. This new feature has been added to the app's inbox tab, where even voice messages are automatically transcribed for the user.

While there are still some bugs to be ironed out, the main idea behind this update is to provide users with the ability to quickly and conveniently read the content of their voice messages. Instead of having to listen to the message, users can now simply view the transcribed text.

However, it's important to note that the app is still experiencing some technical issues. As we can see, the app is currently processing and may not be as responsive as desired.

It's unclear why these issues are occurring, but it's possible that they will be resolved in future updates. Despite the current bugs, this new feature has the potential to greatly enhance the user experience by offering an alternative way to consume voice messages.

To summarize, the NGL app now allows users to instantly read their voice messages. Although there are still some bugs, the update brings a convenient transcribing feature to the inbox tab. As the app continues to improve, users can look forward to a smoother experience and the ability to effortlessly access their voice messages.

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