in case you're wondering where Twitter blew with this blue check mark is available so as you can see in description Twitter blue as verification is currently available on iOS in the US Canada Australia and New Zealand and the UK so this is the countries where this feature will be available if you're outside of them it won't be possible for you to get that feature yeah also now what you need to know is that yeah probably your Twitter account should be registered with this country so you need to be registered probably like with us or Canadian phone number you need to be your IP should be in those countries and all of that um so yeah if you have an uh an American Twitter account and you're located there for example or Canadian and you've located there or Australian like then it should start working uh and this is the countries where it's available I'm not sure when it's gonna roll out to Europe or to other countries uh but probably they're gonna ship it quite soon

Current News | Twitter to launch Ve...
Current News | Twitter to launch Verified badges: Musk, Dorsey | #shorts #news
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