Instacart is Launching AI chatbot

Instacart is Launching AI chatbot

Instacart app, the online grocery delivery and pick-up service company that has grown rapidly over the last year, is launching a new in-app AI search tool powered by chat GPT – called “ask Instacart”. The new feature is designed to help customers save time and assist them with shopping questions by offering personalized recommendations. According to the official announcement on the website, this new tool is starting to roll out today and will be available to US and Canadian customers.

The tool answers a range of customer queries related to grocery shopping. A customer can ask questions like what kind of side dishes should I serve? Is the lamb chops or what fish is similar to salmon? You can also ask questions like what are good sauces for grilling chicken or what are dairy-free snacks for kids? Or even a simple query like what’s for dinner? The chatbot will generate instant responses, offering personalized and suggested recommendations to customers.

The company has been working on this feature for a few years, and now it is finally integrated into the Instacart app. While Instacart has had a search function in the past, it wasn't always successful in providing the answers that customers were looking for. This new AI-powered chatbot is expected to change the game, significantly simplifying the process for customers.

The chatbot works by using AI technology that is able to understand natural language and questions posed by the user. Powered by GPT, the tool can interpret and analyze a customer's query to provide a relevant response. The more people use “ask Instacart”, the more data the tool will have at its disposal, thereby improving the accuracy of the responses over time.

In conclusion, the new launch of AI chat-bot on the Instacart app is undoubtedly a big step towards simplifying the online grocery shopping experience for customers. With the help of AI-powered chatbots, the future of online shopping appears to be more interactive and efficient. As the use of this technology becomes more prevalent, it will undoubtedly change the way we shop for groceries and could set the standard for delivery services across a range of sectors.

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