Instafest app with Spotify - what is it? How to use? Quick overview

hello everyone so here's an interesting app called insta-fast um it's going viral so what's the idea of it so basically you can log in with um with your Spotify Apple music or Last FM and then this app just generates uh like the festival cover the festival list um yeah which you can use uh like you know you can then share it on social media uh and yeah you just take all your Spotify listening history like your uh most uh popular artists your most popular songs you listen to and then yeah you just generate something like this it's pretty cool concept um so you can choose a different style so something like that and then you can just share it with your friends you can select last four weeks uh uh all the time so here you can see basic score the basic score gives you a writing from zero to 100 and a half Niche your Festival music is a low score means your Festival features uh features more Niche Arts while high score means the fossil has mostly popular artists if you like to share it by the excavation festival lineup you can enable the show my device's core option in the customizable menu so something like that um then you can just hide your username uh you can show your basic score so something like that is pretty cool I think and then you can just save and share it uh you can just download and share long press to yeah yeah and you can just download it like this and it will be saved to your camera roll I guess or you can just be saved and then the downloads folder so then you can just open it up probably okay then you can just save image like this so yeah that's basically it uh super cool idea I like it and it's been built by like I think solar developer uh so definitely cool so again you can also use apple music and last if I'm insta-fast creates a music festival graphic based on your most listened to Spotify artists you can customize your graphic by changing the time range of your top artist selecting a custom style and by changing a festival's name your Festival name is automatically generated from your Spotify username if you don't want to display username as a title you can just hide username so yeah there you have it

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