Instagram - “in quiet mode” - what does it mean?

when you go to someone's Instagram account and then you see something like that in quiet mode so what does it mean so I just found out that Instagram will be rolling out this this feature to a lot of users soon and this is like a quiet mode feature uh one uh if the person if the person is in quiet mode all the incoming notifications will be silenced uh uh there will be some auto replies to the amps and it will set your status to quiet mode so yeah if the person chosen that you will see that status in quiet mode then you will see that notification here in the center and then if someone DMS you like in the night you will see something like that that person was notified about these machines because they are in quiet mode so yeah uh so that's basically one of the changes will be rolling out like this day on the Instagram it will be rolled out to um users in U.S UK Ireland Canada Australia and New Zealand and then hopefully to all countries and then basically uh Instagram says teams will be prompted to enable the feature once they spend a specific amount of time on Instagram at night but quiet mode you'll be offered to all users uh Instagram says the front will be triggered after a short amount of time but didn't provide details on what is considered short so so basically if you're a team in us and you spending some a lot of time during the night on Instagram you will be already offered this prompt to to turn on uh quiet uh mode so that's basically it

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