Instagram “Made with AI” notification - what is it

Instagram users have recently noticed a new notification appearing on their feeds that is prompting curiosity - the "Made with AI" label. This label is intended to inform users that the content they are viewing has been generated or edited using artificial intelligence technology.

The "Made with AI" notification is a way for Instagram to highlight that the content in question involves the use of generative AI. Generative AI is a type of computer model that can learn data patterns and then utilize this information to create or modify content, such as images or videos.

Here is a breakdown of what the "Made with AI" notification signifies:

  • Identifying Generated Content: The label helps users recognize when the content they are viewing has been generated or enhanced using AI technology.
  • User-Added Label: Content creators can choose to apply the "Made with AI" label when they share posts that have been created with the help of AI technology.
  • System Recognition: Instagram's systems are also capable of detecting content created with AI, even if it does not have the explicit "Made with AI" label attached to it.
  • Partial Labeling: While not all content on Instagram is labeled as "Made with AI," the platform is taking steps to identify and distinguish AI-generated content to provide transparency to users.

Overall, the introduction of the "Made with AI" notification on Instagram serves as a means of transparency and acknowledgment of the role of artificial intelligence in content creation on the platform. It aims to educate users about the presence of AI technology in the content they engage with and promotes a better understanding of how AI is shaping the digital landscape.

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