so here is preview of instagram digital collectibles instagram nft feature so instagram just released it for very limited number of accounts of digital creators so it's like 10 or 15 people or something like that so basically here you can go to this account and then you will see how it looks like uh we are xoxo so this account you can see we are so excited to post this first nft on instagram as part of the official beta program uh so you just and then just in the bottom left corner of the app you can see this signature digital collectible this collectible is an nft on ethereum blockchain and then you can just tap more than you will see some descriptions instagram currently support digital collectibles held on this blockchain ethereum polygon uh once you connected your digital wallet to instagram you can share digital collectibles but this feature is not yet supported to connect your wallet yet uh but here you can see that this is digital collectible and that's basically it at the moment uh i was expecting that i can just go to you know okay so also in the separate tab i can see all the nfd's so there is like a pause tab real step video step then like guides or and then there is like this nft tab here so it's like pretty cool but then yeah i was hoping that you can actually go and there will be a link to openc similar as you have like you know you have similar feature on twitter profile pictures uh uh but yeah uh there you have it uh that's that's the preview uh so again just update the instagram app and so for me i said like i can't see it and the creator replied uh that yeah make sure you have the latest app version and you might need to close and reopen the app afterwards

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