Instagram Quiet Mode - what is it?

what is quiet mode in Instagram so Instagram just released quiet mode uh where basically you can just take some time off from the Instagram app uh and yeah Instagram it announced today it's expanding it's selection of time management tools with the launch of new feature called quiet mode um so yeah uh so if you're in quiet go out you will be silencing your incoming notification after replying to the apps and setting your status to inquired motion from frames that you're not acting on the app at the present uh so yeah the company said it will prompt teen users to enable the feature of their using the app late at night uh so this should just roll out today uh when this video is published or around that date so yeah something like that like then you will just see in Instagram uh then someone is in quiet mode or then you can set up quite more to yourself from 10 pm for example uh to to 8 A.M and real post notification and change your status and auto reply in quiet mode during the time you choose and then you just see these messages in in messenger or Instagram uh and then yeah I wasn't notified about this message because they are in quiet mode so there you have it uh so yeah something like this uh so I don't know when it should be available or uh quiet mode should will be offered to all users uh Instagram says the prompt will be triggered after a short amount of time but didn't provide test and what considers short Instagram says teens will be prompted to enable the feature when they spend a specific amount of time on Instagram at night so it's launching in US UK Canada Australia New Zealand it will roll out to more countries soon so there you have it

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