Instagram Reels DUAL - DOESN’t work, GLITCHY

so here's instagram and if you to create a new post and trying to create real there is a new feature which is called dual so just tap on dual in the the bottom right uh bottom left sorry sidebar this is a feature like which is a similar to be real that's what the instagram is trying to copy from burial and the thing is when you record this dual you should actually record with your boss front and back camera so i'm just trying to do that but yes you can see it doesn't work for me so some stuff is just not working so when i'm trying to get to record it there is no front and back camera i'm using iphone 7 and it's just not being recorded so i don't know what the issue here is uh so i just tap this ideally i should just record or type a photo and record that like that but then it's just kind of freezes and nothing is happening so if you have the same issue just leave some suggestions what do you think

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