hi everyone so here are Instagram reals so how to add effects here or remove them after so just tap on effects oops so just tap on effects Tab and then here you have trending you have reels you have appearance all the types of effects which you can customize like for example trending so for example you can add some glitter effect you can also bookmark it and then you can see all the others reels with this effect and then you just have it you if you don't like it you can just easily swipe to the left or you can just tap in the bottom to remove it like that then if you recently removed it it will appear to the left like this so then you just have this uh Instagram uh effect and then yeah you can just uh record your reel but then if you want to remove your Instagram effect after it you will remove for the next like edits of your reel you won't be removed for the previous so it's not possible to remove this Instagram effect for the yeah for the previous edits so that's basically the idea um hope it was helpful

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