INstant Save app how to REPOST on Instagram?

hey everyone so here is this instant save app uh which allows you to repost uh photos uh uh to instagram um every time if you're doing a repost or something you of course should mention the author and just credit in a proper way so you don't have any issues just never try to steal someone's content because it's just not nice and all of that so easiest app hour all you need to do is to copy a downloadable link and open it so say after your download is completed in addition to you can edit the photo and also you can choose to share with your friends and family so like open instagram for example let's see what happens i never use this app it's okay so you seen i've just went to three dots copied the link and there you have it now i can just tap and repost and now i can repost it uh to like my instagram account so yeah and in the mom in the bottom left you will see the repost notification that it was reposted from that account so that's how it works super cool super easy so yeah that's the idea of the app you can remove ads if you want to um only 6.99 per year or 0.99 per month after three day trial you can log in with instagram you can add widgets uh to get access to the accounts from where your reposts and yeah so super simple ad but it's in the top charts it's because it's super easy to use and it just does the job uh you can also now download instagram stories and you can also downl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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