let's go through the app which is called insta work find local shifts as you can see right now this app is number one in charts in the business category on the us app store and it's also like in top 100 apps in global categories among overall charts people really want to find more flexible opportunities [Music] and you know just more flexible how hourly gigs at local businesses so it makes their day more flexible you can earn additional revenue you can support local businesses and this app at the beginning it was a bit limited you know you could couldn't find that that many gigs there weren't that many businesses and users and it wasn't available in so many cities but now it's growing its data by there are more and more users and this app is like we are currently operating in most major cities in united states coming soon tomorrow in this [Music] versions i just added some few enhancements you can find flexible jobs and part-time geeks and right now it's operating austin boston chicago las vegas society miami new york san francisco seattle and more so still a bit limited number of cities still only in the united states so it's not available in canada or europe or mexico asia work on your own schedule and increase your take home pay with hourly jobs [Music] so that's the first number one app when you if you're looking for flexible jobs and part-time work insta works job app offers positions from catering hospitality to warehouse associates and delivery drivers you can easily browse and apply to hourly ships that fit your schedule at insta work we believe in recognizing hardworking reliable and high quality professionals the top pro program offers rewards for consistent work and high level performance you can earn rewards cash bonuses and all of that so anyhow let's just go through that so create an account is super easy i already did a few videos around that um so basically you just need your us mobile number and then you receive confirmation message and then you created your account so basically you need to create your account few shifts and completely requirements so you need to feel some [Music] so there are some requirements um so basically there is like a home feed of the all the gigs you can check out so there is like general labor warehouse associate of course these are not like you know premium quality jobs you won't be earning hundreds of dollars per hour here you can earn up to 25 dollars per hour and you know it's super flexible you can just book one job for like three hours and go to another geek and to another gig you can combine it with your mind full-time job probably you can do it these kind of gigs on weekends in the night like whatever you want so here you can see for example there is this gig uh maybe it's too far away for you so it's automatically this is your location you can see the ratings here for these gigs and there are more and more ratings more and more users on this app you can see that instructions what to wear what is the parking like or important things to know uh love the job easy repetitive work uh so yeah that this kind of gigs you can get from here like you know some like working warehouse and there are all this kind of positions dishwasher buzzer prep cook event server counter staff cashier line cook warehouse associate intermediate concession stand worker barback retired merchandiser um so yeah this kind of stuff then you have like my shifts open shifts and that's you can apply here but basically when you created your profile uh your profile strength is quite weak if you didn't do any geeks and didn't know a lot so you need to at least add your profile photo you need to enter your birth date then at least you need to get like two recommendations from from contacts or from anyone else or from previous jobs from anywhere you can get supervisor recommendations ideally so get a supervisor a co-worker from previous jobs to watch for your strengths so you can also request that from contacts so you work with someone uh you just add them to your iphone contacts and then you can request a recommendation and then you need to have all this stuff green here because then your profile is kind of stronger and then basically yeah you can get more offers because i try to apply and sometimes uh if for example some gigs require driver license obviously or some other stuff and if you don't have that you won't be accepted and for some positions there are like where were like many many applications and of course they will look of the people who have more strong profiles uh you can get some trainings you can get uh you can manage positions you can see which positions you are approved to you can apply uh you you need to yeah for example in demand positions then you can just apply uh so here you also can be approved uh for this kind of positions and just work there then some for some positions you need some corrections so you need to add some related work experience then you can for some positions they still require that you complete quiz that you get some recommendations of course because even like like this kind of jobs a lot of them still require a lot of experience so like pre previous experience or at least some understanding of the field of course if it's like some you know simple warehouse job where you just need to move boxes even heavy boxes around that's one thing but you know like event server or like cashier like a lot of these jobs actually requires some kind of training or even years of experience so it's not like that you can get any job you want on this app but uh yeah you just have a great selection and there are more and more uh businesses adding opportunities here like before i tried this app like four months ago there was like a limited number of jobs now there is much more then there are settings there account information you can change that you can easily delete account here in the bottom if you want to there are like work preferences you want one of shifts work with different companies one shift at a time whenever you want long-term shifts permanent employment uh and then where you can get the full-time employment opportunity you can also get 250 dollars bonus one hired there are a lot of perks in this app like uh yeah if you refer people so basically i want to refer someone so use this my code so yeah i will just share it basically then you can earn uh you can sign up with this my link and you'll get 50 bonus when you work one shift offer expires on january uh first so basically you can try that okay i will just shorten the link because there is some additional information you don't need so basically here is the link worker question mark graphcode 5e9xyp8 so try out this code and then uh yeah you can earn additional 50 bucks why not and then you can refer your friends if you yeah if you didn't hear about this app just use my code you will earn some additional revenue then there are bank settings you can add your bank information you can add your debit card uh you can set up your tax settings and all of that um [Music] so add bank account you just either like like add your routine number maybe you can just add the cash app or something or then you can just add debit card easily so that's the idea um that's how it works and then there are messages you can message with your like you know co-workers or your supervisors managers here you can see all your earnings you can see your bonuses then there are also likes all these reliability reports last 30 days like how many no shows you have urgent cancels missed confirmations you can also build a network you can yeah if you're a local business you can also create your gig here as well so yeah like very a cool marketplace app a lot of potential uh yeah and i think you can get used to it you can build your network you can find out businesses in your area which offer that so this is the app to discover all of it and then you can just grow with it you can earn revenue uh you know just yeah and do it flexibly so of course you can become like a like uber driver or like food delivery but this app offers much wider range of similar opportunities and even if you have full-time job you can still find some really nice flexible gigs with this app and support yourself so hope this was useful thank you for watching like this video if it helps you just a bit to understand the overall concept of insta world cap and thank you for watching again

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