iOS 17 Reminders - what’s new?

Apple has released its new version of iOS, iOS 17, which brings several new features and improvements to the Reminders app. In this article, we will be discussing the latest features that come along with the iOS 17 Reminders app.

Firstly, grocery list items are now intelligently organized in grocery categories. This feature saves users the time and effort of creating individual lists for each category. It allows them to create one list and automatically organizes the items based on categories, such as fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat.

Secondly, to make it easier to find relevant reminders, iOS 17 Reminders allows users to group related reminders into sections within a list. The sections identify related tasks, making it easier to find and complete them.

Thirdly, iOS 17 Reminders introduces a new column view that allows users to arrange sections side by side, according to their organization of the tasks. This feature provides an added layer of convenience and customization to the app.

Furthermore, iOS 17 Reminders enables its users to complete reminders directly from a widget. This feature eliminates the need to open the Reminders app, making the app much more efficient and time-saving.

The new iOS 17 Reminders app also includes the feature of keeping early reminder notifications. Earlier, the app only notified users of upcoming reminders on the day of the task. But, now the app warns users beforehand, making sure they don't forget their important tasks.

Moreover, the app comes with an option that allows users to quickly create reminders from suggestions. This feature saves the time spent entering reminders and makes the task more efficient.

In conclusion, the iOS 17 Reminders app introduces new features and improvements that save users time and effort. Users can install the iOS 17 with developer beta and try out these new features. iOS users who have a habit of forgetting their important tasks should definitely try out this new iOS 17 Reminders app.

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