iPhone dual sim with eSim requirements

hey everyone i was just browsing here apple support just curious how to use dual scene with e-sim cards so first like iphones for some reason don't support like just having two sim cards in your phone except for like chinese market if you have your iphone purchased somewhere in the west it won't have that functionality but you can use e sim card which is basically an uh sim digital sim card that enables you to activate subscriptions for your carry without a physical nano sim card and to use that the requirements are you need to have iphone xs xs max xr or later models with ios 12.1 or later and then you just of course need to have mobile operator that supports e-sim cards so basically if you have one of these later models then you just can have one sim card nano sim card enabled and another one using isim so for example in us 18 tt mobile wires on visible all of them like support is sim cards and then yeah you can just get that and then you will kind of use two sim cards in your iphone so yeah that's kind of cool um if you have of course your iphone must be unlocked otherwise boss subscription will be from the same operator if you get your first sim card from cd my operator your second sim card will not support cdma contact your operator so just figure out who's your operator buyer because this is the y for having dual sim with a sim card                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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