IRS2GO app - how to check your tax refund via app?

so here is IRS2Go app and how to check your refund so if you find on the App Store there are a bunch of apps which can help you out with checking out your your tax return in US so but IRS2Go seems to be the simplest one so you just open up the app and then you can just check your refund status by entering your information as shown on your tax returns this tool is updated no more than once every 24 hours usually overnight then you can usually just do it for the latest three years you just enter SSN you just enter a filing status you can select from these options and then refund amount and then just type get status so as he says that it's pretty convenient feature from this app just you don't need to visit all of these additional websites which sometimes doesn't work there are some bugs especially during the text return refund season so it's just one of the easiest options just to do it from your mobile easy and convenient there are a bunch of other apps like you can also go to this app but sometimes yes you can see you just been redirected to this other websites from the app so you don't have in-app experience and like as you can see like the Kentucky website just doesn't load uh Hawaii like some other websites just takes like half a minute to load okay this one seems at least decent uh some other websites are not mobile optimized and uh yeah so here is this one is working so anyhow you can see that it's not the best experience here so at least at least you can just use it in a nice way in in this app

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