IRS2GO app - how to use? Quick overview

here you have it IRS2Go app so super quick over you what you can expect from this app so it's like it's this app is self-explanatory it's very minimalistic kind of it doesn't have all the advanced features so it's very very limited in functionality so just just like a few things you can do here it's like first you can just check your refund status so if you updated the app to the latest version that's what you can do here so just for the last three tax years you can change your refund status if available just enter here as a San Andreas filling status enter refund amount and then just type cash status so that's basically that then you can also do payments but still you're just redirected to the IRS website and then you can proceed to experiment right on the IRS website and just do it easily from your mobile phone yeah maybe it's just more convenient for you if these are not some huge amounts just you know you can easily can quickly do it from just from the app you are still redirected to to the third party website or some additional website which is a bit unconvenient but at least you have these links organized in one place in the app then this app also offers you links to to some free text help and advice especially if you're making sixty thousand or less or you speak limited English or some other things you can easily find some volunteering services or find some tax AIDS tax volunteers who can help you out and you just can do your research from from this app then you can always connect so you can see some additional phone numbers there are some additional tools and services but still you are redirected to the IRS website hopefully maybe in Futures I will have these tools right in the app so it's even more convenient also here you can find some IRS local offices available and then finally you have a security tab I don't know how exactly this works but yeah you just have like a extra layer of security for users of certain IRS online services uh yeah if you have been prompted to set up the security feature enter username and keep from the on-screen instructions so there you have it just just a quick overview

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