Is AttaPoll paid surveys app legit?

is a tapol April so I just registered in the app and like I'm located in Denmark at the moment and I was just curious if there are any like surveys there um but since there are and I was just like Curious like wow maybe it's only available in United States but seems it's available uh yeah everywhere and you can see this uh some uh yeah some surveys you have but yeah like one Danish krana is like it's around like 10 10 US cents or something so you can earn 10 cents uh yeah here it's almost like 60 70 cents uh uh 40 30 cents and then yeah so that's basically that and then here is like again uh so yeah so that's what you can earn so you can earn like two three dollars uh like if you're doing all of this and yeah so for example you just here is what you can do so you just started the survey and then you just uh uh yeah uh you just need to read some conditions uh so yeah and then you just when you start it uh you need to finish because otherwise I think it's just disappears as you can see it's gone here so yeah then it's not available and then my balance is uh topped up by yeah eight uh I don't know how Danish coins are uh but yeah there you have it uh so yeah then you can request a payment uh you need menu withdrawal amount for this payment method is 25 Danish Corona for revolutist 20 Corona or you can just donate and then you can see history um so yeah if service is incomplete then yeah it's zero and then yeah you you can always delete your account if you're not sure uh sign out surveys frequency you can set up as many as possible Max lens you can enter a frog you can invite friends so does that so I think it's pretty real I didn't withdraw any Mania because I just did like two random surveys but since it is possible even with 25 Danish Krone so that's around like three and a half US dollars so that's that hope it is helpful

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