Is ChatGPT available on Android/Google Play Store?

hey so is chat GPT app available on Android Google Play store so just let's explore it so overall uh yeah here you can see that there are some clients for this for this app I don't know which one is actually official client because you can access chat GPT in any browser and Chrome browser just going to and then access the free version of chat GPT so you don't need an app for that but there are some clients on IRS one of the popular ones is called Genie app here you see all of this and other additional apps so yeah something like that uh um so no it's as I understand there is no like official app for chat GPT uh you can also search in in the IOS app store so here you have Genie which is one of the top apps but yeah all others I'm not sure that there are official ones now also Genie is not official ones so that's just like if you want official version you just go to if you want to discard some client just just search for that

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