Is Damus app available on Android?

hey everyone is damus app available on Android so if you just search in the Google Play Store for demos app we can see it no it's not available on Android or Google Play Store unfortunately it was finally released to to IOS app store so now you can find it in app store here if you just search for demos it's actually hitting the top charts right now so just search for damos app and it's getting so hyped because it's kind of decentralized social media it's one of the Twitter Alternatives similar to Mastodon but this app is based on protocol um and it's encrypted messages are distributed to your decentralized relays no need to run any infrastructure and there is no single points of failure um so yeah that's basically the app uh but it's not available and all of that it becomes much more complicated as I understand because it's decentralized there is no one point of command where you can just delete one user or stuff like that so yeah I hope it will come to Android and Google Play store sooner rather than later you can always follow them on Twitter to to discover uh when it can be there but I don't have clear timeline for you

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