Is DECO PIC APP on iPhone or Android phones?

hello everyone so is deco peak app on iphone or other android phones i don't think so i think it's in the galaxy store um so this is the separate store for samsung galaxy phones so yeah you just have them here and basically deco pic max photos and videos fun with live stickers it's just applies these gifs mask frames and some stickers to your images but the thing is this app just basically installed itself on on the phones and a lot of people are actually pissed because yeah out of nowhere there is a new app it's similar as though like there was a few years ago maybe more years ago like apple just randomly downloaded the u2 concert like youtube album to the itunes and all like millions of iphone users just received these songs to their phone and it created an outrage so some simpsons like this here this is like a pickup but fortunately it's only on samsung phones it's not on google pixel uh it's not on huawei or like you know iphone so it's only as i understand it's only on samsung um so yeah that's that's about it uh so yeah you can just go to reddit and then uh you can just search for for that app

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