Is Emmo Mood Diary app SAFE?

okay so here's ammo app which is recently searching in the app store and top charts and the idea is that you just register your mood so you just add like this is was my day i was happy i was doing this and this or i created this to-do list or here is my sticker or something like that and then you have just like an overview or your graph um but like is it actually safe like what about your privacy and personal data so let's just go through their faqs uh and what they say here in official docs was the developer says that ammo is very very private all the data is stored in your phone and in the icloud not tied to your ammo account which is used to share and correct my module so no one including the developer can see your diary so that's that um is your data still there after you change your phone and install the app yes without your as long as you have icloud syncing your settings if you switch devices you just need to log back into your icloud account on the iphone uh please note that this is your cloud account and not your ammo account so that's that um who other than that you can always email for additional questions hello ammo at there is no option to delete an account here in the app so if you want to delete an account and request like app deletion data deletion you need to contact your email [Music] you can write some suggestions uh but other than that there you have it so you can turn off icloud synchronization here and you can reset your password so there you have it app is very light but if you have any other info uh suggestions is is this app safe to use postmentally and boss technically like just leave it in the comments below is this interesting discussion because this app is is rising really fast these days in the app store top charts so just interesting to know like what do you think about it so hope this was helpful thanks for watching guys