Is Finch Self Care Widget Pet app available on Android?

so is finished self-care widget pad app which is going viral on app store on the ios is it on android and yeah if you just go to the you know the google play store you can see that yep it is on the android and it also obviously has this like widget functionality which it has on ios because i think on android you had this home screen widgets like a while ago while on iphone you you start to be able to add these widgets just from ios 13 just from like a year ago so yeah and you can use the same functionality everything is that's how it works uh it's one of the best daily self-care tracker app where you kind of have like this pad uh which is lo which is your self-care path which helps you out to get more motivated to organize yourself to release stress and you know take care of yourself and all of these issues to have these mindful habits and so many features so you can see like the number of reviews here for almost 50 000 reviews 4.9 average review people are really really liking it and you see amazing developer support post on ios and android so definitely give it a try it's available if it's a free version but also it has a yeah finch plus where you can upgrade so try it out

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