Is Gas app available in Canada?

so this guy's app available in Canada so in the beginning it was only available in few states of USA then it rolled out like to all the country all the states and now I think they're testing it out also in Canada and they just rolled out um yeah to Canada like four days ago or like on 23rd of November so yeah just if you have uh like Canadian App Store account then you can just get gas app already and try to using it uh of course uh you need to be more than 13 years old you need to be in the Canadian high school and your school should be on the list there so probably it will take some time when you can actually use it with your friends in Canada but there you have it hopefully it will be rolled out soon to UK but you know the app has really small team and they're testing all the features to make sure it works really well and they'll be rolling out to all the countries soon

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