Is Gas app finally available on Google Play Store/Android?

so is gas app available on Google Play Store on Android devices so if you tap search and then search just yeah on the web just for fun if you just search for the gas app here uh then you will see there is some like fake app but it's not this app so just so you know this is not the the app just don't be confused a lot of teenagers looking for this app on Android devices unfortunately it's not there make sure to always check the developer so here you can just go to the gas on on the IOS app store and let's just search for the uh for the gas app so while the icons of course can look uh similar sorry there are some issues my internet also it's not one of those gas body apps or anything like that um um so yeah like official gas app is not available on Google Play Store so don't be confused uh was that like for some reason it's not even so here it is here is the original app make sure that the developer is called find your crush that's the official developer and I guess that that will be also in Google Play Store obviously so uh 244 000 ratings pretty huge but just make sure to double check that it's this developer uh yeah hope that is helpful

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