is guest app safe to use this viral app is just uh yeah going in the top charts in social networking category it's slowly rolling out across the whole country the whole United States and it's basically like an anonymous trivia game where like uh people can anonymously vote and you just uh you just will be notified so like uh yeah so for example you can see you can add you can log in with your school and then you can just do out on on people on your classmates and then in your inbox uh uh you will get claims notifications when you are picked uh um so yeah uh and then that's basically the idea but there are a lot of myths and concerns about this app obviously because it's like Anonymous but how safe is it like can you actually use it uh so what's it says on their website gas is an app to give compliments to our friends and improve our self-esteem here is how we ensure the app is safe and private experience for you we'll never share or sell your data to all your services or data Brokers we will never track you across online services that's how they trying to keep the data safe and we only request your approximate location once and sign up to suggest nearby schools so that's one of the main things uh it's they say it's not precise location it's only approximate location which can vary up to 20 kilometers from your exact location where you are located uh then they say we don't store location data on our servers we do not link location data to your account um we only let friends contact and class my spot on each other never strangers we do not allow direct messaging between users even if you are friends so yes there is no message and possibility on this app similar as on other anonymous apps like NGL or send it now you can just see some hints like that someone from 10th grade liked you or sent you a flame or something like that but that's it all parts are positive and uplifting so you can never be bullied we review reports every day and remove users who break the rules you provide live chat and email support to all users so that's uh does that and of course there are other recommendations like how to stay safe on gas only join schools that you're currently attend only send or accept friend requests for people who you know in real life do not share phone numbers in a device with with your friends you can disable location access after signing up actually gas doesn't need your location after signing up uh the only feature is used for is just force find nearby schools just when you create in your account and want to find your school actually you can just disable access right away because you can just search for schools when you create in your account you can set your privacy preferences so your friends can see your top flights when visiting your profile if you're not comfortable with this you can hide them by going to edit profile manage account and height of flames so then you can always report uh users who break in the rules do not sign up under someone else's names do not use inappropriate photos you can always reach out to help at so that's just like a official statement from here there were some there right now a lot of viral videos on Snapchat and Tick Tock who are stating otherwise that this app still is a bit sketchy uh don't trust it all hundred percent of course they have probably good intentions but you're never now with a new viral app how safe is it so I would definitely recommend to stay a bit uh you know like a bit careful but I I think this app is a great one it's a great viral app but still you never know like within your apps uh how like hundred percent uh how that works and yeah so that's that um of course you can also just go to Reddit subreddits and research about it there are multiple forums and like where people just discussing is a lot of point of views if you have any other suggestions around this app just leave it in the comments below

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