Is it possible to bring back old avatar/bitmoji in SnapChat?

Snapchat users are expressing their frustration over the absence of the old 2D Bitmoji. The latest update has left many users disappointed, sparking a wave of negative reviews. People are demanding the return of the beloved 2D Bitmojis, claiming that the new 3D avatars are unattractive and fail to resemble them accurately. Unfortunately, according to Snapchat's support page, the classic avatar styles are no longer supported and cannot be restored, leaving users disheartened.

Numerous users have taken to the reviews section to express their disappointment, with only a fraction finding the provided support article helpful. Out of 10,500 users, a mere 3,400 found the information useful, highlighting the general discontent among the Snapchat community. It's evident that many users are dissatisfied with the removal of the old Bitmojis and desperately want them back.

If you open your Snapchat app, you will notice the new avatar feature, which looks peculiar to some users. To potentially recreate your old Bitmoji, you can tap on "edit avatar" and make some customizations. However, this will require starting from scratch and building a new avatar, as restoring the classic 2D Bitmoji is not possible within the app.

The removal of the old 2D Bitmoji has left a significant number of Snapchat users upset and frustrated. While the new avatar feature allows for some customization options, it still falls short of meeting the expectations of those yearning for the return of their beloved Bitmojis. As of now, Snapchat has made it clear that restoring the old avatars is not a possibility.

It remains to be seen whether Snapchat will address the concerns of its users or provide an alternative solution to ease the disappointment surrounding the removal of the old Bitmojis. In the meantime, users will have to adapt to the new avatars or explore other creative options within the app.

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