Is it possible to UPGRADE in LOCKET WIDGET?

here is locate widget app so can you upgrade or can you cancel a subscription in this app um as far as i understand it is the free app as of now there are no ads um there is no paid plan or like vip membership or premium option yeah so you can just use it as it is right now you don't need to upgrade uh stay on a monthly subscription therefore you don't need to cancel anything you can just delete your account i mean just delete the app or there is your account is basically just tied to your phone you can just sign sign out uh i don't know if there is i think at this moment there is no premium version uh that's what it is right now you can always reach out help at and include the phone number used to register your account maybe you can ask this but maybe there will be new releases where there are some upgrades because this app is like super popular right now and people are like you know requesting a lot of features such as like having separate videos for separate friends um like uh ability to change your name like all of that just small features maybe it will be released in some premium service but as of now i don't think there is a premium way and you can't upgrade so enjoy

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