Is it possible to verify Worldcoin without Orb?

Is it possible to verify Worldcoin without Orb? This is a question that many users of the World Wallet app might be asking. In order to claim grants within the app, users are required to verify their World ID. And unfortunately, at this moment, it seems that verification can only be done with the help of Orb.

The World Wallet app offers users the opportunity to claim grants on a weekly basis. These grants can be quite lucrative, with values reaching up to $52 for a single grant. However, in order to actually claim these grants and potentially withdraw them, users must go through the process of verifying their World ID.

The verification process involves the use of a device called Orb. The availability of Orb, however, is quite limited. For example, in Denmark, there are no orbs available. In Germany, there are only two orbs, and in the United States, they are primarily found in New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, and Los Angeles. Furthermore, appointments are required to use an orb, and there are only six orbs in total across the entire US. In certain countries like Canada, orbs are not available at all.

This limited availability of orbs can be frustrating for users who reside in areas where orbs are scarce or nonexistent. While the idea behind the orb is to ensure that only one person can claim one World ID grant by verifying their biometrics, it poses a challenge for users who don't have access to an orb.

Currently, there are no alternatives to the orb for World ID verification. It's not a device that can be easily purchased on popular online marketplaces like Amazon. This means that users will have to travel to a location where orbs are available or wait until orbs become more widely accessible.

The orb itself functions by verifying a person's face and iris, ensuring that they are a real individual and that they only possess one World ID. By using the orb, users can set up their World ID and begin the verification process. Privacy is maintained as users are in control of their own information.

The question of whether it is worth the effort to travel to a location with an orb depends on various factors. For instance, individuals who have reserved multiple grants totaling a significant amount of money might find it worthwhile to make the trip. On the other hand, if the grants are small or the cost of travel outweighs the potential rewards, it may not be practical.

At this point, it is unclear whether these grants can be withdrawn and sent to another wallet, or if they are restricted to the World Wallet app. Furthermore, the availability of orbs in more locations, including Scandinavia, remains unknown.

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