Is JPAY app available on Android : Google Play Store?

is GPI app available on Android Google Play Store yes it is um so you can see a lot of reviews here and it's like it's one of the easiest ways to stay connected and support your in cursor rated individuals and uh yeah people you know cheap price allows you to quickly send money to a trust account send and receive emails photos e-carts videograms and then you can also purchase a tablets for your contact and fund their media account um so yeah that's what you can do it's also available on iPhone or available on Android Google Play Store so that's basically the idea so here you can see what you can do but you still need to pay for it the app doesn't look that great like in design wise but seems it works it has better reviews on Android like pretty bad reviews on iPhone IOS app store so that's basically it and yeah hope that can be helpful so yep you can find it on Google Play Store on iOS also a website you can use it on the website as well

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