Is Lapse/Journal by Lapse app safe and legit to use?

The Easelabs app, also known as the Labs Disposable Camera app, has gained much popularity lately, landing in the top charts alongside Instagram and Snapchat. It has become quite a sensation and congratulations are in order. However, there is one catch that has left users dissatisfied – the app requires you to invite at least five people to sign up.

If you dive into the reviews, you'll find comments like "worst onboarding experience," "scam," and complaints about not being able to delete their account without inviting five people first and a broken help link. Some users have even suggested that this app is simply a data grab. Despite these concerns, the app continues to attract downloads due to its viral spread on TikTok.

One user noted that they quickly realized that the app is designed to acquire as much data as possible and sell it. While other big companies may do the same, according to this user, they hide it slightly better during the app's launch. On the positive side, the app is beautifully coded and designed.

However, there are some invasive aspects to the app. Once downloaded, it requests access to your camera, microphone, contacts, and photos. This level of request is not uncommon for apps like TikTok, but it does raise privacy concerns. Additionally, you are required to invite at least five friends in order to use the app, thus giving access to your contacts.

Many users express their unhappiness with these requirements, which is reflected in the one-star reviews. Nevertheless, the app's controversial tactics seem to be working, as it remains in the top charts with an overall review rating of 4.8.

But the question remains: is the Lapse/Journal by Lapse app safe and legit to use? Considering that it is a UK-built app with no other apps in the developer's library, its history and credibility may be questionable.

While the app itself has an appealing design, the concerns regarding the need to invite others and grant access to personal information like photos and contacts cast a shadow over its safety. The ability to contact support is available within the app, but there seem to be issues with accessing the necessary information on how to do so.

In case you encounter any issues, you can try reaching out to support at However, it's advised to exercise caution when using this app, considering the concerns raised by users and the lack of information about the developer's track record.

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