Is LiveStatus app available on Android/Google Play Store?

hello there so here's Live status app uh it's available on iPhone but is it available on Android so here if you just go to Google Play Store and search for Live status um yeah you can see that it's not there yet as I understand so maybe maybe it's okay so there you have it so it's already available um uh yeah so this is the app yeah which is also available on Android Google Play Store um yeah so it only has 50 000 downloads yet like not that many reviews but yeah you can uh you can use it already on Android and Google get it on Google Play Store and so no worries if your friends have Android phones you can still share videos with them just uh yeah uh I think it's the same app so there you have it hope this can be helpful so yeah there are still so many bugs actually as you can see the reviews are not that great yet but it's a start at least it is on the Android and try it out

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