hello so let's explore if locket widget app is available on galaxy s or something so if i just search here for you and then i just tap return so you can see that there are a bunch of widgets but you don't see a locket widget app here so galaxy store and samsung is kind of like a google play store but just for uh samsung galaxy they have like a separate basically yeah this is it's not available there it seems so if i just go to the app store i will show exactly how that app looks like so you don't need to confuse yourself with some other apps because there are a lot of duplicates recently looking on popularity of the locket widget and then you can just search it and then yeah you will be able to see yeah one sec i'll just show you ah come on so uh lock it widget is just has like this heart icon and the orange background and this is uh yeah how it should look like anyways i don't know like what's not working here it just seems my phone is yeah so anyways the point is it's just not available on the galaxy store

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