Is Magnet dating app legit? Are there AI bots in the app?

so i'm just exploring this app which is called magnet dating game and chat um yeah so a lot of people in reviews say that this app is not actually that legit and that there are this app is full of bots so for people who don't know the idea of this dating app it's like it's actually the concept of the app is pretty cool so you upload your picture picture is changed to avatar and you don't disclose your real picture and you can just chat to so for example this is my avatar i can just chat to different people like i can send fun messages for free if i enjoy the chat and other person enjoys the chat then we can uncover our real pictures and continue chatting so it's like reverse tinder on tinder you can you show your real image if you like each other you start chatting here start chatting first and then if you like each other you reveal the real image so a lot of people like this concept because yeah it's it's very liberating and much more effective like way too dating but this app still is a bit suspicious because obviously with avatars uh you can uh you know you can have a lot of bots and a lot of people say that this app he's just full of bots and he's targeting like lonely people who are chatting sending fun messages and then you need to upgrade to send more messages and you may not ever reveal the real person and you're just chatting with some avatar who can be an ai bot so this is uh so this as the people who are chatting this actually have a conversation and respond to what you're saying but it just feels off and some people it just really feels that it's just like some ai chat bot and yeah definitely all bots so you're gonna try to bite lonely people in japan for subscription you should probably get some better ai or hire some stuff that know how to organically engage with people also no age filters or anything yeah ai bots so that's that those people just replying that that's the main concerns nothing but bots so yeah definitely be careful with this kind of apps there are like other ai chat apps like chai app or like jam souls but they clearly say hey this is chatting apps you're just chatting with bots enjoy but here this app is pretending that these are real people and it might not be the case might be there like 50 percent of real people 50 percent of bots or i don't know some other correlation but i don't know like what do you think uh please just leave your comments below do you think it's this app is legit or no

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