okay so is metamask safe actually i'm just reading through the help center and here's what they just recommend so of course when you create a mutual mask account you need to use seed fry so secret recovery phrase which is a standard for most crypto wallets and you need to remember this 12 word secret recovery phrase um so metamask does not control any of your personal private data on your servers um so this recovery phrase is like super important is the key to your metamask account if anyone gets it in any way uh yeah they will just get access to your metamask account and like to all the ethereum or other assets which are stored there so just be super careful of course if your laptop is like scanned or there is some virus or you saved it somewhere on some shared location it can be revealed and yeah so just be super careful metamask is not closed by solution so your i think your 12 word recovery price is not stored somewhere in cloud that's my suggestion like idea and yeah if someone hacks metamask they shouldn't see your uh recovery phrase and ideally shouldn't get access to your funds but who knows what happens so there's no 100 guarantee um the secret recovery price is the only way to recover your metamask accounts don't share your secret recovery phrase and private keys anyone who has a recurring phrase who's an ether token from your account never start with them including metamask team they will never ask you to provide this you can always contact matamas support support and metamask dot io and also another recommendation if you have large amounts of ethereum or tokens in your accounts just consider getting a hardware wallet so hardware wallets are considered to be of the most secure so yeah just do that so try hardware wallets in case you hold a lot of nifties a lot of assets ethereum just don't keep all of that in your metamask wallet i think metamask basically is just like a kind of login ethereum login instrument where you can just connect to openc majority of other like nft marketplaces ethereum products and services but just to use it as a bank or as a wallet it i still would suggest to use hardware wallet                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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