Is MxM news app on iPad?

is mxm news on ipad yes it is so you can see there is iphone version and then there is ipad uh so yeah there is ipad version which you can download uh on app store on ipad so that's good but there is one thing which is weird about ipad app there is no landscape mode and here if you go into reviews you can see some users are really asking for that feature because people like to use ipad with keyboard and you know and put it in horizontal position not in vertical and for that then to read the news you will need like a landscape mode so this app doesn't have landscape mode and people are a bit annoyed by it um so i'm just trying to find here it is so you can see like severe views in a row asking for landscape mode landscape mode needed please permit you to display in landscape mode on ipad so it can be read in the keyboard stand thank you no landscape mode i just download this on my ipad and all i get is portrait mode most annoying when my ipad is always hooked up to a keyboard in landscape please provide an update enabling landscape no landscape seems surreal an app isn't made for landscape by today's usage of ipads create an account for a new source seems like yeah that's another issue so there you have it so landscape mode needed but it's not available yet i don't know when will it be available or anything like that but there you have it

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