Is #newprofilepic APP SAFE TO USE?

here is this app a new profile peak your amazing profile peak always fresh totally ai driven and a lot of people are just asking like is this app actually safe to use is this legit or it's a bit scammy um so yeah you can get the app either on app store google play or android um yeah you you can basically with this app you can upload your picture and then you can just generate like a cartoon profile picture so that's basically the main functionality but this app for a lot of of people are uh like for a lot of people this app is looks a bit scammy to be honest uh because yeah it doesn't have an option to create an account anything so you just open it up and then you just give access to all your camera roll to all your photos to use this app and then you can generate then you can generate profile pictures and yeah like is it completely safe to give access to your photos so you can select recent faces camera roll or celebrities you can always just check it out on celebrities you can i can select my own photos and then basically it will just take it out and will start to generate start to generate a picture here so that's what you can try to do and this is how it works so i just uploaded the photo i can see four more variants of this photo like and then i can just share it if i can decide i can post that collage with different options and then i can see all other options so it kind of does the job and i don't need to buy anything as you can see the one thing i just need to download my template but it has a watermark so that's basically what it is and yeah um so that's how the app looks like uh there is nothing like too sketchy as i see you but yeah you don't need to create an account but you also can't delete your account you can't clear your data or anything but of course one of the main risk is that you need to give access to your photos to this app and who knows what will happen to this app and few days of your years if you still have access to your photos maybe it can use them somewhere or you know there's like legit concerns so you can always just go to settings and go to photos and just select to none and you will give access to none of your photos you can disable access to camera at least that and then you can also just delete the app as well so that's what you can do just delete the app and because there is no option to delete your account um so yeah that's basically how the app works like um it's actually why it's quite popular because it's very simplistic there is not a lot of buttons and menus like you know it's not an overload very a simple design and just focus on one feature to create all these profile pictures um so that's basically it uh so far i don't know like uh seems it's relatively safe but i don't have that much expertise you can always reach out to their support here um [Music] and ask some questions of course you can always uh just comment below this video may if you have some you know some weird experiences with the app and you want to clarify some things just feel free to comment there and let's see and let's see what you have to say so anyhow hope this overview was helpful

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