is ngl app really anonymous uh so this is a viral app where you post uh your link on instagram stories and try to get some messages and some of the people post you this message and yeah so if you see this from from here you are not really able to see who sent this there are no hints there are no buttons to to identify however there is this button so like who sent this and the users of the app can unlock and but they can't see who sent this they can just see hints so what are these hints these hints are very generalistic you can see a lot of reviews that people quite frustrated because hints are basically like it can tell you something like the user on iphone from this city that's it it's not telling any information regarding your instagram username or any other information so if someone posted this story on instagram or somewhere else and like 100 people seen it there can be who whoever possible like who just sent this via iphone and that's what hint is suggesting so just the phone model or just very general location like new york or something like that so if you're sending the message and the the user upgraded to pro is not guaranteed that your message will be seen that you sent it but for example if you're on instagram and you replied vr uh like story which was sent to close friends then um then it can be a bit more dangerous because the for example if for example heroes in jail link here's how it looks like but the story can be shared uh okay so something like that um so this story can be only uh shared to close friends which can be like ten or five people and from these five people if the person upgrades it can be more easy to identify that for example that you live in london for example and like only from these five people someone who is living there that's that but if it's a public story an instagram account has a lot of followers it will be hard to identify that you have sent a message even with a pro subscription but again if on instagram it's a public story and they have like only 10 15 followers friends then it will be easier to identify so that's that also in the story in story analytics it's usually instagram opens the data where it is possible to see people who have checked out the story so uh is this data is public so if you have seen the story it can be possible that yeah the person who tries to identify who sent the message on agile will know that you have seen the story and they can see like exact number of people who have seen the story and then they can upgrade to pro and know that you are using the iphone and then like narrow down you i'm just sharing some shots like that if you're sending this message can you be 100 proof that it's really really anonymous like i would say it's pretty uh possible to be like anonymous if you see that this is a public story an account has at least like 30 plus followers friends and this story got some views so that's basically that so it depends obviously but just upgrading to pro subscription one this won't be able to discover your username and there is no feature in the app that if you upgrade it just says hey this username sent you this so it's not possible uh and you you can always say even if it's quite clear that you send maybe you can just say it wasn't me it was some mistake or something so there is no like direct confirmation that this was exactly you but this is the exactly fun part of the app that is like really hard to identify in some cases so that's what brings virality to this app i think so does that hopefully is helpful

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