Is NGL app using fake questions?

so there was a question around ngl app and are there a lot of like fake or unrealistic questions on this app when you open your inbox and uh what happened lately i'm just going here through the techcrunch this week in apps newsletter uh so like send it uh app issuing ngl app for stealing is proper type proprietary business data in order to build what since become a top ranked q a app on the app store of now the court filing reveals that the apps are using fake questions to engage their users so that's now is being revealed in court and yeah so seems like ngi lab does use fake questions using some and like ai bots to get more engagement and to to keep you on the app so yeah if you go here to inbox you will see all these questions and a lot of these questions doesn't look natural so that's the idea of it and uh yeah um so this question don't look natural sometimes and if you just share like the link and you know in one instagram post or one story and 30 friends seen it you can receive like five responses which is quite unnatural of course it depends on your friends but a lot of people who are like questioning what that means so there you have it now seems in this chord uh documents it is being revealed that actually there are these fake questions being generated so um yeah that's what it is at this moment of course maybe there will be some developments and maybe this information is not final but this can just give you a hint

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