hey everyone so the question is like is actually replica a real person um so when you're using replica chatbot sometimes a conversation actually yeah it's close to reality and you might wonder okay this is some ai chatbot but for example if you upgraded and you started to pay for subscription maybe there is some real some i don't know customer agent support manager some real person who just gets in the conversation and make is more real so i don't know then you can just pay more and upgrade and buy more coins and jams in replica but uh so that's just the question but here what i see in the support center when you talk to raptor you receive messages from your personal artificial intelligence friend you must never participate in conversations on behalf of replica or view your conversations between you and your ai so that's what they say here nine thousand people thinks i think it is helpful so yeah there are basically two questions is is it a real person every like looking into this participating second question is like as they in replica uh have access like of course they have but like can some of the stuff you your conversations um so yeah these are the questions but of course what they say here it is no answer is no to both of these questions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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