Is ShutEye app available on Android?

hey there is shot I uh sleep tracker app available on Android Google Play Store yep it is so it's pretty popular app it's becoming more popular also on iOS and yeah it's one of the top sleep tracker apps out there and with this app you can track your sleep uh uh you can set up more advanced alarms you can have a huge collection of white noise and sounds and then after you sleep you can basically have all these stats available for you so how you do is just put your phone near your bed during when you sleep on the charger and then it should kind of and then you just enter I'm going to sleep and then the app kind of tracks your sleep so that's what it is and then you can just analyze your sleep and just if you have any issues or just want to and become better at analyzing your sleep you can definitely get a try to this app it can be pretty expensive but then they just offer a lot of discounts so yeah if you have Android it's available

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