Is StarBucks app down? What you can do?

so starbucks recently went down seems like that there was some like starbucks app outage where the app was just down for a while people couldn't do anything couldn't order drinks um and then you can see here all the like all the reviews that the app hasn't been working for a day can't mobile or they can refill my starbucks card store and please a clueless can help get it together guys uh so can't sign in needs better real time info so there was like this continuous app issues during during this period and then yep you can always reach out to starbucks customer service and customer support so here is some overview you can try to contact you can always reach out in the stores but as you can see not always there will be like a reply then you can just tap get in touch you can always chat email or jump on the phone so 800 starbucks or 807 827282 from 5 a.m to 8 p.m seven days a week so that's basically the idea but of course it works in united states

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