Is Superlocal app available on Android:Google Play Store?

I'm just browsing here through the Google Play Store it's super Local app on Android Google Play Store so it seems It's not the case nope it's not there yet so I'm happy just like the replacement for Danley so uh super local this is the app social map and check-in it's climbing pretty fast in the top charts because then we have shutdown and people just looking for some alternative apps too try it out so super local special Network that lets you earn rewards when you go to places you check in submit your person earn real rewards superlocal has a subscription for premium stickers Graphics uh and here you can just see all of that so yeah that's basically the idea so yeah unfortunately only on iOS so yeah if if you plan to use this app after zenly and some of your friends were on Android that's a bit of a minus that they can't really use this app yet but maybe they will just release it super fast

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