Is there a FrankSpeech app on iPhone?

is there a frankspiece app on ios iphone yep so it recently it was released here is the app it's in social networking charts um yep here is the app uh you can just download it from your ass app store i don't think it's on android yet maybe it will be there soon and then there is apple tv app as well so you can just open up this app it just basically looks like a combination of videos live streams also like news and podcasts and yeah it's not like a social network or anything so it's just like uh some news and all of that it's just better you know experience if you're like app some people still like websites so it's also available on the website but anyways and now this app is here so yeah if you want it you can get it but yeah it's not like there is something special in the app only if you're interested in this kind of content

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