Is there a LIMIT how many songs you can send in KIWI WIDGET app?

here's kiwi music with friends did you know I just figured out that actually there is a song limit apparently you can only send one son a day I understand why there is a limit but only one sun is insane you could at least make it 10 or something I was so excited to sing songs by my mood totally plummeted at this I love that but I think you should be able to send more than once on our day might be like 40 once every like 6 hours so yeah that's a bit of disappointment for a few people that actually the recess only met in this app there is no premium of some upgrade option and the idea of this app is like similar to be real that you receive a notification every day and then you need to send one song recommendation to your friends via this app so that's what it is so probably that's why one song Because Imperial app you also can send only one image but like maybe on the other hand one song per day is not that little like if you just send in every day like how many songs can you recommend per day like you can recommend 30 songs per month every day there is a new song you like it can be nice so it's just probably about using this app regularly um every day instead of sending 10 songs one day but I don't know what do you think

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