Is there a Lockscreen widget for Locket widget?

does locate widget have lock screen widgets so a locket widget is one of the top apps out there for home screen widgets where you can open this app and then basically you can take a photo of yourself and send to your friends but then this photo will appear on on your friend's home screen so you can just take a photo like history whatever you're doing and then just add like a home screen widget just how to do it tap and hold and then just search for locket widget and add this widget like this and then you will see the folder appearing right on your home screen but ah there are lock screen features for for this app so I understand there are no lock screen videos at the moment so if you want to use locket widget on a lock screen widget it's not possible yet as I understand probably they're working on it lock screen widgets are available on iPhone IOS 16 and later so first of all you need to update your software you need to have at least iPhone 8 to be able to do that uh so still pretty old iPhones but yeah you need to have that um and then yeah then if there would be a lock screen immediate for locket widget you would be able to send this uh camera pictures not just to the home screen but also to the lock screen and you will instantly see these images on your lock screen on iPhone at the moment you can't really do that but I just found this another app called Live status where you can actually use and send camera draw and text both to your home screen and lock screen so this app is just grown in the top charts right now it has the ability to send images text and drawings uh to yeah to your lock screen and to your home screen so something like that uh so if you're looking for for this for some Alternatives try out also this app

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